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Carelli Pack with Bonus free Travel size shampoo

Carelli Pack         with Bonus free   Travel size shampoo
$99.95 AUD

  It’s not just another natural and organic shampoo /conditioner . We proven that ! 

Use the Carelli Pack to… achieve whatever the hair needs it’s a corrector.

  •  Can Help encourage strong growth from the root out to the tips !
  •  Transform curly or frizzy unruly hair to be softer & taimer 
  • Fine hair ,hair thinning ,alopecia  can be aided ( it take time but we have the proven results)
  •  Can Restore and nourish bleach, coloured, dry, chemically or natural damaged hair back to glossy locks .
  •  Can  fix and aid scalp problems and safe for bubs too.
  •  You guy’s love it too! If you have hair strands Carelli can make em thicker and for softening those beards .

3 products created to work towards building the hair naturally  because each application makes it better instantly.

  1-Recovery Oil treatment  like no other it comprises of 9 ultra-fine molecule oils and vitamins that penetrate working from within the hair strands  &scalp .

 Followed by an invigorating rosemary and mint fragrant cleanser 

2-Elixir shampoo,  created to really cleanse the hair so it stays cleaner longer 

finishes with a tiny bit of 

3-Gloss Treatment to get the elasticity back into the hair to prevent breakage .  It’s conditioner/ treatment so concentrated It’ll last months

Our Point of Difference:  The 3 step system is a corrective system and can be the perfect solution turning good hair into great hair .

 great hair all day, every day for all hair types regardless of its condition or state Carelli can make it better .

Because Carelli Hair is great hair !

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