Carelli Travel Pack

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Do you wish for your hair to grow thick and luscious?
Do you long for compliments about your amazing shiny hair?
Do you want a hair care product that works every time?

Use the Carelli Pack to…

  • Help encourage the growth and the rebuild of hair
  • Soften curly or frizzy unruly manes
  • Feed weak fine hair
  • Restore and nourish chemically or physically damaged tresses
  • Correct the hair depending on its state

This easy 3 step system starts with a 1-Recovery Oil treatment which comprises of 9 ultra-fine essential oils and vitamins, followed by an invigorating rosemary and mint fragrant 2-Elixir shampoo, and finishes with a revitalising 3-Gloss Treatment.

Our Point of Difference:  This is NOT your average shampoo and conditioner range.  The 3 step system is a corrective system and the solution to achieve perfectly radiant and sleek, shiny hair all day, every day for all hair types regardless of its condition or state.

Because Healthy Hair is Happy Hair!